SharedCount tool Features and User Guidelines

Being active on social media is almost the second nature for any online business today. It allows you to build solid brand visibility and attract the right traffic to your business. With a solid brand, it is not time to relax if you are to survive in a highly competitive world of business. You need to determine who your clients are, what do they say and what is the impression do they have about your brand. It is therefore essential that you take advantage of social media analytic tools that match your niche for comprehensive monitoring of your content online.

Sharedcount social media analytics tool

Many social media tracking tools allow you to track keywords, comments, hashtags, and mentions across different social networks. However, only the best allows you to efficiently measure how a web address has been shared. This can be frustrating as you try to determine your online visibility. Sharedcount takes this issue into consideration and offers a solid solution to help you track your social media content.


Sharedcount is highly effective when it comes to social media monitoring. It offers a public API access across different networks including

  • Facebook for monitoring of likes, shares, and comments.
  • Pinterest pins.
  • Stumbles on Stumbleupon.

With these tools, you can measure your brands’ performance online. You will also be in a position to carry out:

  • Social media campaign tracking to help you learn whether your marketing strategy is effective or not; with this, you can also start utilizing your resources efficiently in areas that are not performing.
  • Brand reputation by tracking monitoring metrics including sentiment engagement, mentions, and outreach.
  • Get real-time insights by carefully tracking event hashtags, and more specifically, posts, comments, shares, and replies that have been widely shared.  
  • With the tool, you can also identify perfect match for your content or hashtag tracking of your competitors. This means you will be in a better position to work on a marketing campaign that helps you to stay relevant despite cut-throat competition.
  • Using this analytics tool simply helps you to virtually monitor almost every aspect of your social media content. You will get relevant insights into the areas affecting your brand.

Remember, SharedCount targets URLs that get shared online including articles and web content. For this reason, you will be able to access results of your search on the URLs. Its metrics are customized to help you understand the type of contents that performs best. It works by answering different questions including

  • How does your marketing campaign affect your business?
  • Are you aware of the latest marketing trends?
  • How does your content affect your target audience?
  • Do you understand the needs of your clients and do you address them?
  • How about your competitors? How do they perceive your campaign?

The analytics tool comes in handy to offer you detailed insights into these questions

User Guidelines

Using SharedCount is not difficult. It is specially designed to offer the best user experience. The service comes with simple instructions and you only need to create an account and enter your URL.

Choose a payment plan that matches the needs of your business. The service also comes with Free Plan that allows you to enjoy up to 10,000 queries daily. With this in mind, it is wise to note that you can always cancel or change your pricing plan as you please in your account settings. It is a feature that offers you the flexibility to enjoy different plans.

Once you get an account with Sharedcount, you will be able to access your social accounts from one application. There is no separate registration needed. Additionally, you will get regular notifications from official APIs and the official URL or website of each of your social media platform. This guarantees the security of your information as well as that your web visitors.

Another point to note is that Sharedcount comes with a user-friendly interface for Facebook, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon among other social platforms. This is an impressive feature that makes your social media networking environment attractive. Even with your tracking of comments, posts, and shares, you will enjoy the same feeling you have always had while keeping up with your clients.

The tracking tool allows you to manage your social profiles efficiently whether you are an entrepreneur, small and large business owner or even an independent consultant.  It simply gives you a golden opportunity to track your social content to grow your business and improve your ROI.


Social media is a platform that allows clients to offer their views in their most practical way. Get acquainted with the true and real-time feedback of your online content by using It is an excellent tool that gives you an opportunity to improve your business.

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