Social Media Marketing – Insight to Using Instagram for Brand Marketing

The number of Instagrammers crossed an astounding 700 million last year with more than 60% of daily active users. For anyone who experienced it, it’s hard to believe that Instagram is just a younger sister to Facebook where people hang out to filter and post their pictures. From kids to top corporate, all alike have now adopted Instagram as their favorite social media platform for self-expression to brand promotion or revenue generation. Now, Instagram features over a million advertisers and about 8 million business profiles.

Why should brands market on Instagram?

Any of the avid Instagrammers will admit to the fact that they instantly swipe on their smartphone or tablet as soon as they get a notification for Instagram. There is something addictive about this social platform, which drags people in and then makes them addicted.

Instagram demographics is also vast and various as it may be Justin Bieber followers or upper crest community of business tycoons. The demographics largely vary; however, we can see that leaning towards the youthful audience, some figures are:

  • The biggest percentage of (55%) Instagram followers fall in the age group of 18-29.
  • Next comes those who are in between 30-49 (28%)
  • 11% falls at age 50-64, and
  • Nearly 4% of senior citizen over 65.

According to the survey:

  • Majority of the Instagram followers are urban dwellers (32%)
  • Those who live in the suburbs consist of 28% of Instagram users
  • 18% of the users live in the country.
  • Women are more in number compared to men Instagram users; however, this gender gap is not so huge.

Even if you don’t find the exact target audience on Instagram, don’t dismiss your account by seeing it as wastage of time. Each year, there are more and more users are joining the Instagram bandwagon and is undoubted covers may from your target group too. This confident prediction can be made in light of our previous experience with, Facebook, the parent company of Instagram. Facebook started as a baseline social sharing platform at Harvard, which slowly branched out to other colleges and ivy-leagues across the United States, and then exploded internationally by sacking in broader demographics including all age, race, gender, and creed.

If this is the same happening with Instagram lately, then why should you stay off? It’s just sparing a few minutes daily or twice weekly to manage your Instagram account by knowing the key to hit the bull’s eye. Instagram marketing can be so powerful if you are into a creative or visual industry such as a boutique or tourism services business.

Advertising on Instagram

On introducing business advertising, Instagram explained their policy on a blog post as “the aim of introducing advertisement on this platform is to make these feel natural to the users as Instagram photos and videos which many of them used to enjoy from their favorite accounts.” Being true to this account, native-looking advertisements tend to perform the best on this visual platform.

Instagram advertisers have four options now on planning for ads:

  • Photo ads – Default Instagram posting format.
  • Video ads – Same as photos but with a short video instead of an image.
  • Carousel ads – More like a slideshow created with multiple images.
  • Instagram Stories – Ads are seen on top of the feed to grab easy attention.

Another Instagram blog says that 60% of the Instagram followers of brands say that they discover new products and services on this platform and about 75% of these Instagrammers next take actions too by being inspired by posts. As in the case of Facebook, investing some money on each post will let the marketers get more exposure for their brand and also gain better control over displaying it to the target audience.

How much it costs?

Once on planning to use Instagram as a social media channel for paid promotions, the next big question is how much it costs. For many visual businesses, Instagram ads have a significant advantage over Facebook in terms of engagement, but it comes at a price. The basic model used by Instagram is CPM (cost per impressions). This may be slightly higher when compared to the costing model of Facebook ads. If you are planning for highly targeted ads, then per CPM cost may go up to like $5.

However, on the brighter side, Instagram advertisers have better control over the budget and budget allocation on Instagram. For example, you can choose between options like a daily budget or the maximum limit of the amount to pay out daily. It is also possible to set a lifetime budget too to set up your ads and run it for the entire duration of time until your allocated budget is entirely burnt.

What better control over Instagram ad spends can also be achieved by custom setting specific ad schedules also like:

  • Hours of the day when you want to run ads
  • Method of delivery like impressions, link clicks or daily reach.
  • Setting a bid amount and run ad manually or automatically.

Instagram brand marketing tips

These are some Instagram marketing insights from the top spenders like GE or Nike, which the small players too may try out for their benefits.

#1: Build a community around the brand - Get the audience to engage with your brand through campaigns. Brands can mostly leverage the possibility of trendy hashtag campaigns to promote a particular product or idea.

#2: Support a cause to enhance your brand’s values – Brands now mainly identify that supporting a cause is one of the most successful modes of reaching to masses. Say for example, if you have your restaurant, an Instagram campaign to encourage the use of organically sourced ingredients may grab easy attention.

#3: Don’t over post – This is a clear insight. According to a social media study, the optimal frequency for a business to do promotional posting per day is one or two times. It is also found that the best time to make a post is at around 2:00 a.m. or between 8:00 am to 9:00 am.

Along with these, it is also advisable for budding entrepreneurs to stay Insta-smart. It is a very hot and young platform which is fast growing. So what you have seen to date on this platform will keep on enhancing and cater to businesses of the future.

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