Kolkata has changed a lot since the events that took place in the last year. Changes like the sudden effect of demonetization and the impact of GST on goods and services made many people fell off from their state of mind and rethink again for investing or buying any kinds of residential projects. The real estate market of Kolkata was kind of rising in the upper section before the demonetization fell on us like a meteor.


Though the real estate market got a bit disrupted and became stagnant for quite a longer period of time. This whole scenario gave quite a good amount of breathing period for some of the real estate developers to rethink their whole strategy for selling the projects. Within this chaotic situation, real estate developers of Kolkata brought some of the best lucrative and exclusive deals and discounts with add-on schemes in order to lure out home buyers and increase their selling spree.


If you are here to buy flats in Kolkata then the best thing will be to buy flats in the areas of New Town Rajarhat and EM Bypass Road. As these two places are seeing some of the real potential developments of residential projects. There are other sites as well where you can look before you leap just right in to it, places like Sonarpur Bansdroni, Garia, Jadavpur, Gariahat, South Kolkata, and some parts of North Kolkata. But if you really want to stay in touch with the main city then Rajarhat and EM Bypass will be the best for investing.


After last year’s festive season Kolkata got a revive, as the impact of GST and demonetization started to dilute and the growth of the real estate market started to took a steep upward movement. Real estate developers started increasing their basic rates silently while keeping the in hand discounts for the residents of Kolkata. They had in mind that once the year of 2018 appears they will increase the rates without letting anyone understand that whether the price of residential projects hiked or not.


Top real estate developers in Kolkata like Ambuja Neotia, Bengal Peerless Housing Development, Forum Group, Shivom Realty, PS Group, Vsun Group, Bengal Abasan Builder, etc. nearly around 117 projects are getting ready in EM Bypass, Kolkata. Whereas real estate developers like Ambuja Neotia, Siddha Group, Shrachi, RDB, Eden, Team Taurus Group, Red Ant Realty (Project Upcoming), Sweet Hut Group, Unitech Limited, Shree RSH Group, etc. are actually bringing a difference of appearance in New Town with high raised buildings, residential apartments, flats, and workplaces. These developers are surely bring a change in Kolkata by developing and expanding the boundaries of Kolkata in a very perfect way.


In 2018 we people are able to see much improved developments in the real estate and infrastructure departments. People are seriously working to get back Kolkata in its early standards so that it can come in the competition when compared to other hi-tech cities in India. There are some of the best places to buy flats in Kolkata which will make you happy. In this blog I will discuss five residential projects so that you can think which place will be better for you to buy your new adobe. Here they are:


Utalike by Ambuja Neotia


Utalika is constructed by Ambuja Neotia located at Mukundapur, EM Bypass Road, Kolkata. This is one of the most pristine built residential condominium that offers people of Kolkata to reside in a place that is infused with the growing nature of Kolkata. Utalika offers 422 numbers of 1 bedroom flats for LIG, 102 numbers of Comfort I 2 bedroom flats for MIG, 21 numbers of Comfort II 2 bedroom apartment for MIG, and 545 numbers of luxury 2, 3, & 4 bedrooms for Penthouse and Duplex apartments. Utalika was launched in the year of March 2016 and is built on a land of 20.184 acres.


PS The Address by PS Group


The Address stands just opposite to the Science City on the EM Bypass road, Kolkata. This residential project offers residents of Kolkata to live in boutique homes with the presence of rooftop pool, and gain an experience to view the world from the terrace and live life luxuriously. The Address even offers 3 & 4 BHK homes to people which are being strategically segregated amongst 40 apartments.


Ujjwala By Ambuja Neotia


This residential condominium is built by Ambuja Neotia who is one of the top real estate developers of Kolkata, they have built Ujjwala in New Town Rajarhat, Kolkata. This residential project offers 77 numbers of efficient 1 bedroom apartment for LIG, 154 numbers of comfortable 2 bedroom apartment for MIG, and 235 numbers of luxurious 2 and 3 bedroom for Triplex and Duplex apartments for the HIG. This project was launched in the year of 2005 and was completed in the year of 2007 the total built up area is nearly around 6 lakhs square feet.


Uniworld Heights by Unitech Limited


Uniworld Heights constructed by the one and only Unitech Limited. The Heights are a series of impressive high rise towers which nearly forms a Western boundary to the Uniworld City. The whole apartments are being designed to inspire the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang. The Heights offers 3 bedroom and duplex apartments.