Tekmetric Revolutionizes Auto Repair Software

At its core, auto Repair is a customer service business. The end result is that the finished product, the completed car, must be delivered to customers within a reasonable timeframe. Between receipt of the car and delivery to the customer, many things must happen in between that must be carefully managed. Given the level of competition, it is vital that this process be executed smoothly. Auto repair software can help a mechanic better manage their business.

Tracking Repairs

The car repair process often means that there are many balls in the air at the same time. Complex repairs are not as easy as replacing the part and giving the car back when it is done. However, it is not always apparent from looking at the car the stage at which the repair is. Moreover, different mechanics may end up working on the car while it is in the shop. It is important to have a record of who has done what and when to ensure efficient repair. Mechanics can leave notes in the system detailing who has done what and when. Auto repair software can help a mechanic track the exact status of a repair.

Keep Track of Parts

Oftentimes, the delay in any auto repair is the lack of parts. If the mechanic does not have the part in their inventory, they will need to order it. These orders are often not overnight deliveries and can take some time. Auto repair software can help a mechanic manage their parts inventory as well as their orders. This can ensure that mechanic has the right number and type of parts on hand. If these parts are not in the inventory, this software can help streamline the ordering process.

Manage Pricing

Auto repair is a business where pricing is important. Mechanics want to give the right estimate to the customer because exceeding the estimate will have consequences for the business. At the same time, a high estimate can cause customers to take their business elsewhere. Auto repair software can help a mechanic take many different variables into account when pricing a repair. This software can easily be programmed with various inputs that can quickly compute the appropriate price quote for each repair. It can also track labor as it is expended so mechanics know how much time has been spent on each job.

What is Tekmetric?

Tekmetric is a leading auto repair software that can help run a shop. It has been designed by auto shop owners based on their own experiences with shop management systems. Tekmetric is an all-in-one system that is meant to manage every aspect of running a repair shop.

One of the most important features that Tekmetric offers is that of the digital vehicle inspection. This gives shop owners the ability to quickly and accurately diagnose issues with cars. The software allows for both multi-point and visual inspections. Digital vehicle inspection enhances the customer experience since it takes some of the information vacuum out of car repair and provides customers with more knowledge about the car repairs that are necessary.

Where Tekmetric is beneficial is that it takes many different functions and combines them into one software package. This enables shop owners to integrate everything in one application. This software package can help run nearly every function in the shop and will lead to a more efficient business that can improve customer satisfaction.

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