The benefit of taking part in horse racing sport activities

The benefit of taking part in horse racing sport activities

The racing of horses is a well-known sport. There are many races which are done without  jockeys while some races require the maneuvering of horses by the jockeys. For different jockey kinds of racing require different skills. To be a rider, one needs to train suitable for that purpose. All sportspersons need to acquire training for perfecting their skills and in case of being a professional jockey a person needs to understand the pace and ability of the horse.

Thoroughbred horses are well known for racing purposes but might not be suitable for endurance racing. Therefore if a person is riding a quarter or Arabian horse, then suitable races have to be chosen. The Arabian horses are specifically well-known for the long distance races which can cover several days and occur on natural trails on the other hand quarter horses are best suited for covering very short distances, and in most cases, jockeys are not required for quarter bred horse racing.

The training needed for becoming an expert jockey

For racing, the horses are bred carefully, and specific breeds are chosen for races. After breeding the horses are trained to race. This includes stretching of muscles and adequate exercise for the horse. In most cases, horses are known to gallop at full speed but in racing the unbound galloping is not allowed as the horse have to follow the track and stop at the finish line. However, while training the horse for preparing the animal for racing the person who will ride the horse on tracks like Santa Anita need to be knowledgeable about the horse. Therefore training is not just needed for the horse but also the jockey. The training of a jockey includes the following aspects:

  • The building of strength and agility:

A jockey cannot be too heavy. Therefore body weight is a factor which is to be considered for people who want to be jockeys. Having good core strength is also necessary for controlling the horse in a racetrack. The jockey should be able to position himself/herself suitably on the back of the horse so that the body weight is evenly distributed on the back of the horse. Being flexible and good muscle tone is also important as riding on horseback requires a lot of physical agility. Hence individuals who want to be jockeys have to acquire suitable physical training to build the strength necessary for racing on horseback.

  • The knowledge about horses:

Building one’s core strength is not the only important factor because the person also needs to know about the animal. Horse breeds that are allowed for racing should be known. It is also important to bond with the animal so that the horse can understand the maneuvering actions of the rider. Many jockeys spend a lot of time with the horses for understanding the behavior of animals through close observation.

Hence, an individual can become an expert jockey by learning the different aspects of horse racing and by fostering a bond with the animal.

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