The Dual Blade Method by World Microbladng:

The appearance of an individual plays a significant role in personality development and establishing social relations. The physical appearance has an impact on people being addressed. A single glance at someone gives an intuitive feeling whether we need to interact with the person or set boundaries for him. Appearance gives the first impression that creates a positive or a negative image in the mind of the observer.


Innovations, trends and the creativity of our generation has made the art of makeup a dynamic factor in the beauty sector worldwide. The makeup artist has the expertise to cover up your flaws and enhance your features to give you a flawless and mesmerizing look. One such invention of our creativity is the concept of microblading to create perfect natural looking eyebrows.


Microblading technique is a form of semi-permanent tattoo which uses tiny needles as a small blade to deposit pigment to portray a natural looking eyebrow.

Since microblading is used to enhance your facial features, a great care must be taken while selecting a certified esthetician along with a cosmetic tattoo specialist to create the thinnest strokes and get the most realistic results.

Irina Chen, the founder of World microblading presents you with a perfect blend of artistic talent along with passion and on hand microblading experience.


Irina Chen and her team is a group of passionate folks who possess an expertise in their field of talent. They are the innovators of modern microblading technique and the most reliable organization which has Gold standards in the training provided by them and they have their own specialized technique called as ‘The Dual blade Method’  to achieve the goal of creating thinnest strokes and realistic results.


A complete novice or a permanent makeup artist can enroll in this training academy and become a successful microblading practitioner. World microblading training academy provides you with live models to practice on and after class support for the lifetime.


Their five-day program includes the procedure regarding the documentation from clientele, health and safety measures, setting up of microblading equipment, identifying skin undertones, an intensive level of advanced color theory, neutralizing and covering up of old tattoo along with saline removal technique.


The professional tattoo artist guides you to draw perfect eyebrow shapes as per the clientele features and desires.

They train you to differentiate hair stroke patterns according to ethnicity and how to prevent infections on different skin types.

A professional trainer performs a complete procedure on a live model and the students can practice on paper and latex prior to performing on a live model. The trainer explains the various aspects of a short and long-term aftercare with the clients.


The training schedule includes both basic and intensive level and there are upcoming classes held in California, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington and many other parts of the United States.

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