The giant robot battle of your dreams is actually happening

es, this is genuine. Two enormous robots will fight each other Gundam-style for our diversion — and it will be gushed.

On Oct. 17, the epic robots Eagle Prime and Kuratas will meet in a rough duel.

At any rate, that is the point at which you can watch a flood of their fight that will keep going for a considerable length of time. The robots, which are guided by people, will endeavor to topple each other.

This match has been two years really taking shape. In 2015, Megabots Inc. — a gathering of U.S. engineers that undertaking to fabricate huge “battling robots of sci-fi, computer games and motion pictures” — tested the Japanese robot Kuratas, worked by Suidobashi Heavy Industries.

Be that as it may, Suidobashi would just consent to the match if the robots really battled, instead of shooting each other with vast paintballs. “In case we will win this, I need to punch them to scrap and thump them down to do it,” Suidobashi told Megabots. Get more accurate information

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