The NichePhone-S is a tiny little Android phone


Tiny Android phone

As Apple conveys cell phones to intense new places, another organization is endeavoring to take us back to a less complex, more quiet, and considerably less expensive time. FutureModel intends to discharge a shockingly precisely named gadget called the NichePhone-S not long from now that runs Android yet doesn’t appear to do substantially more than influence calls, to send messages, and stream music. It’s comparative fit as a fiddle to a charge card and resembles an odd little adding machine.

Engadget Japan pointed out our the gadget and has a few hands on photographs with it. As per the report, the telephone will turn out in Japan on November tenth and offer for around $95.

The telephone is as far as anyone knows running Android 4.2, however I don’t know how you’d have the capacity to tell. Its screen resembles an advanced clock; it’s uncertain that there’s any kind of nitty gritty interface here. Obviously, however, you’ll have the capacity to record voice updates, play back music, and interface with Bluetooth headsets. I will be truly baffled if there isn’t likewise a mini-computer work.

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