This One’s Free: ten Fundamental Tech Tips which make a Difference
Clemens Rettich
Clemens Rettich

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is normally about ‘the huge change’: creating significant new business strategies or management behaviours. But along the way there are dozens of little adjustments that make a big difference as well. Many of individuals are inside the realm of technology. 

Especially when functioning with little companies and lone entrepreneurs, I suggest into a selection of equipment and methods to construct capacity and pull down hurdles. Here are ten suggestions which can be drawn from interactions I have with customers each day.A

phrase on safety. This short article doesn’t handle protection problems. In the event you are using off-site servers, Bluetooth connections, storing info on your telephone, and so on. you’ll find considerable protection issues. Lifehack, Google,, along with other websites can provide essential, existing details on these problems. Or talk for your neighborhood technologies expert. Just so you know. 

one. Find out how to share and export information


Irrespective of which bookkeeping computer software you employ, learn how to export to an Excel spreadsheet or even a CSV (comma divided value) file. This allows a coach or advisor to assessment your financial scenario very easily (with out charging you for re-entering the information manually!). Most economic computer software may have a ‘Save As…’ or ‘Export…’ product beneath ‘File’. Examine it out.
documents can also be a standard format to export contact details from your PIM (Personal Details Manager) like Outlook or Entourage. When you export your make contact with information as an example, you’ll be able to load it right into a spreadsheet for mail merges, or add it to services like Constant Contact to create electronic newsletter campaigns.

When you deliver files (like resumes, studies, or company plans) by email for evaluation you would like to be certain which the doc arrives searching exactly the way you sent it. You also wish to shield your paperwork from malicious or accidental alteration. The very best means of taking good care of both issues is by preserving the document as being a PDF (Transportable Doc Structure). A locked PDF document comes seeking EXACTY like you sent it, and cannot be easily altered. More recent variations of most workplace and graphics software program can preserve, print, or export within a PDF structure. Additionally, there are numerous free- or share-ware plans that you can down load which can transform nearly any document or picture file right into a PDF. 

two. Be systematic in making use of folders and files


Whether it’s personal doc names or complete file systems, produce a name- and location- method you are able to repeat. You’ll save time and minimize errors. For example, I’ve a ‘New Client’ folder which includes each of the vacant sub-folders I typically need for consumer files. When a new customer arrives on board, I just copy and rename the ‘New Client’ folder and that i am able to begin populating the already-named sub-folders with new files. That way I understand each doc I create has the same house for every customer.

At any time looked for a file in a certain folder and never found it there? We have been creatures of behavior. As likely as not, you are going to appear there again the subsequent time you want that file. Unless of course there’s a clear reason not to, when you do locate the file, think about relocating it to the folder you initial searched for it in.

When naming
files, utilize a standard structure to ensure that a) the name lets you know what you are looking at and b) your files kind properly when you open the folder. A single suggestion for this really is to call files ‘year-month-date-filename.doc’ for documents that you’ve numerous variations of (e.g. 2009-07-23-newsletter.doc), and set the type criteria for that folder to become ‘date - most recent first’. This way each and every time you open the folder, the information are sorted so that you can begin to see the file you worked on most not too long ago in the best of the list. 

three. Backup 

I realize. Unbelievably boring. But really, should you do not again up your things you’re asking for trouble. And right now, using the different back-up options accessible, there is no cause to possess that icy cold experience creeping up the back of your neck when you recognize something truly negative has just happened in your computer. 

In case your computer software has an auto-save operate, use it. Just how long ought to the interval be in between auto-saves? I do not know. Just how much function are you currently Happy with re-doing? ten minutes? twenty minutes? two minutes?

Full-system backups.
Right now you’ll be able to get exterior hard-drives, off-site network backups, and back-ups that take place whilst you rest or although you’re employed. Certainly one of my favorite backup utilities is SyncBack SE. The engineering is affordable and simple to utilize. There’s no excuse.

Intelligent phone as backup. Your intelligent cellphone can perform a great deal of cool stuff. Do you know you can use it to store your contact information and calendar? A great smartphone just like a Blackberry, Iphone, or Palm will easily shop your entire make contact with details and your calendar, and maintain it up to date. These phones appear with computer software to permit you to synchronize data together with your primary computer. You can make sure that each gadgets have the same calendar and phone information. Never a nasty concept. Which provides me towards the up coming item… 

4. Sync or sink!


Do you know that your phone can synchronize your contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, and more, together with your computer? In case your phone and personal computer have Bluetooth inbuilt, you really don’t even have to plug anything at all in. More and more through off-site servers and Bluetooth, you’ve the power to retailer key word processing, spreadsheet, PDF along with other paperwork on your telephone too.

By syncing your personal computer along with your phone, not merely will you keep your PIM things around day, however, you have created yet another type of back up!

five. Dig just a little further


A colleague or client will at times point out that they are intending to purchase a pricey piece of computer software to solve a particular issue. Most of the time, the computer software they’re thinking about is overkill. It’s not the computer software is no great or that it won’t remedy the issues that they want it to, it really is just a question of ROI. The investment in funds and coaching time is usually not justified from the return on productivity.

The answer? Dig just a little further into the software you already have. Have you really watched/read any in the basic tutorials for your office suite or bookkeeping software program? Most people are shocked at simply how much they’re able to do with whatever they currently have on their own computers.

If a specific features is lacking, there is an excellent likelihood somebody has plugged that hole with free computer software you can download or use on-line. I’m experimenting with Tungle for example, a web-based solution that permits individuals to e-book appointments in my free slots. The web bookings are immediately synced with my Outlook calendar. And it’s free of charge.