Tips for Choosing a Good Domain Name for Registration

Thinking about a short, easy-to-remember name is one of the most important steps to make sure the company is found on the internet.

Let’s assume you’ve had a good idea and starting a business of your own. Where can people find you easily? Or, better yet: if you search for a product or service, where do you usually look for it? The answer, generally, is on the internet. And for you to be found on the internet, the first step is to do the domain registration at Reg names - domain name services platform.

The domain is the address on the internet, the name that people will search or type in the browser to find you. It’s just that name that comes with “www.”Before and often”. Com” after, but do not think finding that name is always too easy. There are billions of people connected to the internet and many may have an idea very similar to yours, or even a different idea, but that carries the same name in the domain registry.

Therefore, the domain must be registered as soon as possible. But stay tuned: do not leave your attention aside when choosing the name! Some basic rules to follow when choosing a good domain are:

  • Name as short as possible;
  • Easy to remember;
  • Identify your business in a simple and direct way;
  • That leaves no doubt to be dictated aloud to someone else.

The domain name should be thought of in a way that is easy to remember and that people do not necessarily need to jot down to do the search later. Before searching any domain, you may buy top level domain that fills out all above requirements.

An important tip is in the application of numbers. If the company has numbers in the name, in both numeric and extended digits, you can leave questions if dictated out loud. The solution is to register the domain in both forms of writing and redirect both to your site, so that people will always reach you.

Thought all this, just check if the domain you imagined is available and, if so, register it immediately.

Once your site is online, the domain may also be one of the keywords when working SEO techniques, which contribute to the position and page that the site will find when someone searches Google. So it’s interesting to think about how people can look for you on the internet.

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