Tips & Tricks to Supercharge your Web Browser’s Speed

Instant gratification.

This is a tendency which aptly defines today’s generation.

A generation spoonfed with technological devices of convenience and led to believe in the doctrine that speed is directly proportional to progress.

Be it data analysis or a space rocket launch, we want everything to be done as quickly and as smoothly as possible. We crave for ready solutions. And at the bottom of everything, we hate to wait.

Statistics prove that when a website takes more than three seconds to load, 53% of the users leave it without a second thought; machmetrics. This is enough to show you how integral the web browsing speed has become for the regular users like you and me, who’re estimated to surf the web for more than 23 hours a week online; technology review. Consuming multiple content pieces on the internet at a rate like never seen before!

However, there are times when your web browser becomes rusty and starts giving you slow results. You hit refresh and hope for the glitch to be resolved, but all in vain. Still, your browser freezes your opened tabs, becomes unresponsive and/or closes without a warning.

If something like this has been happening to your web browser recently, either Google Chrome or Firefox or whichever, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve got just the right tips and tricks for you to speed up your web browser on whichever device you’re using, either your mobile or tab or PC etc. Check the quick and easy nuggets below.

Prefer Tabs Over Windows:

My sister’s a graphic designer, so, a fast internet browsing experience is like a MUST HAVE for her. When she came to me this morning, all worked up and super-agitated, I immediately sensed the problem. Her browser was moving at a slug-pace and her projects were lining up due to it. The problem? Countless windows opened up on her browser, which could only take so much load. That’s when I advised her to prefer opening tabs over windows because they are light and efficient, and easily recoverable. Multiple windows get heavy and slow down the web browser.

Manage your Tabs Efficiently:

Preferring tabs does not mean you act carelessly with them, because that creates clutter, and clutter is known to slow down your web browser. With the information overload, tab management becomes super important. Try to open a minimal number of tabs at one time. Take the help of extensions like the ‘Tab Suspender’ (Opera/Chrome), ‘Auto Unload Tabs’ (Firefox) and ‘The Suspender’ (Safari) if you can.

Remove Accumulated Cache and Cookies:

Let me just say it outright that both cache and cookies contribute significantly to making your web browsing experience hassle-free. Cache is a way for your browser to store information about your most favorite and often-visited sites, so that opening them is relatively easier and faster. Cookies are a website’s way of knowing your identity, your preferences and so on, to make your experience personalized and customized. Again, both are important. But, if you let them build up and accumulate, they could potentially slow down your browser. So, do occasional cleaning and clearing up of the cache and the cookies by opening your browser settings, whichever it may be.

Deactivate the Toolbar:

Do you see a strip of icons on the right side or the top of your browser? Yeah, that’s the toolbar. It is helpful so far as it gives you shortcuts for customizing your web experience. But it is cumbersome because it takes up space and slows down your browser’s performance. So, when not in use, deactivate the toolbar by going to the settings.

Do Away with Unnecessary Extensions:

Usually, a browser hosts certain plug-ins which improve and ‘extend’ its functionality. These plug-ins are called extensions and are added to augment the user interface. For instance, AdBlock is a famous browser extension which blocks the annoying pop-up ads and enables you to filter content. Useful, right? But those extensions which you added once and then forgot still weigh on your browser’s speed, slowing it down. It’s time to remove those unnecessary and unused extensions.

Disable Flash:

Flash enables you to view multimedia in high-quality on the internet. Most of the browsers these days come with a built-in flash player that’s optimized automatically. But those that don’t, can be slowed down due to this software. So, when you’re not using it or viewing high-graphic content, disable your flash player by going in the settings and opening internet add-ons menu.

Get the Help of Speed Increasers:

Fortify your browser with speed-enhancing add-ons, which promise to run thorough scans of your browser’s functions, recognize red-area problems and then offer speed-efficient, cleaning solutions. You can download super-speeders like Clean Chrome, CCleaner (Windows), and Speed Tweak (Firefox) etc. over your stable internet connection, as acquired from Spectrum deals or some such.

Try Reinstalling the Browser:

If cleaning and wiping and disabling doesn’t do any good and doesn’t release any speed, then it’s time to refresh the browser itself, thoroughly. By this, I mean uninstalling the whole thing and then reinstalling it, i.e. its latest updated version, not the old one. What will this step do? Give you a chance to begin anew, restore the browser to its originally fast state and cease the slowdowns for good.

Change your Browser to a Speedy One:

If rebooting the browser doesn’t help, then you should simply change it and switch to a famed, well-recommended and best-out-of-all browser. FYI, 2018 has shown Google Chrome to outdo every other contender and officially come to the top as an all-rounder; digitaltrends. It is highly flexible, has a great look, uses your device’s resources excellently, and has brilliant features which expand infinitely. Plus, it’s really easy to install too.

Change your Connection to a Lightning-Fast One:

Perhaps, it’s not your browser but your internet connection which is creating the frustrating browsing lags. Perhaps, you’ve been using a slow-speed data package that’s been affecting your streaming experience, adversely. Perhaps, it’s time for you to look for internet deals which offer lightning-fast speeds and are affordable at the same time. Yes, they’re out there. With a little research and a little negotiation, a lot can be accomplished. Trust me.

Thus, by implementing the aforementioned tips and tricks, you can definitely increase your browser’s speed and make your surfing experience extremely satisfactory.

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