MBOX Viewer – Open, Explore, Read & View MBOX File in Batch

There are programs available in the market that make a difficult task to open MBOX file much easier. These are designed to make sure that users can easily open and read MBOX files without the need of downloading any email client. These solutions make the task easier for many users to view MBOX mailbox files using SysTools MBOX Viewer. It is a simple application that can be used by any technical and non-technical person. It is a basic utility which performs all the operations to scan the database and preview each and every message uniquely.

MBOX File Viewer is a great program for those users who look to explore an old MBOX archive. It can be from Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, Gmail, Yahoo and other supporting email services. There is a lot that is not known about this product. This post has been created to explore and view MBOX file it a bit further. Continue reading to make an informed decision.

Important Features of the MBOX Viewer

  • Open and Read Each Message: There is a facility provided by MBOX File Viewer software to open a .mbox file and list all the emails stored within it. There is an option to view MBOX file and preview each message along with the attachments individually. There is a middle panel where all the items are displayed. The left panel lists the folders and sub-folders within MBOX file.
  • Eight Different Views Options: The MBOX Viewer is a great application for forensic analysis and legal investigation. There is a Normal Mail view for reading a plain text message and one just for attachments. There are others like RTF, Hex, Properties, Message Header and MIME. Each message is listed with the corresponding properties such as Subject, To, Sent, Received, Size etc.
  • Quick Scanning of MBOX File: The application is designed to remove many minor errors and issues and view MBOX file contents that are loaded by MBOX File Viewer. It can fix any common problems with an old archive to recover data. A live report is shown with the file name, size(KB) and creation date. MBOX Reader tool is a stand-alone application and does not need to have an email client installed.
  • Switch Between Screen Modes: The MBOX Explorer tool has the ability to switch the screen from default vertical to horizontal alignment. This can be achieved by clicking on a button on the top-right hand corner. There is no file size limitation imposed by MBOX Opener tool. MBOX Viewer application can open multiple .mbox files in batch.
  • User-Friendly Interface: MBOX File Viewer application is simple as well as basic and can be used even by a naive individual to view MBOX file. It has simple functions which work with a click of a few buttons. Therefore, it is easy for any naive user to install and run MBOX Viewer application.

Technical Specifications of the MBOX File Viewer

Developer SysTools Group
Current Version 2.0
Price $69 (Full Version)
Size 16.1 MB
RAM 512 MB
Processor 1 GHz
Role Ability to Open and Read MBOX file after fixing minor errors
Supported Windows OS Microsoft Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8 and all below versions


  • One can view MBOX file on 32 as well as on 64-bit Windows machine.
  • All these functionalities are available for free with a secure download from the company website.


  • To export data, an activation key is required.
  • MBOX File Viewer Supports Windows platform only. To open Apple Mail MBOX file, one needs to transfer data file over to Windows PC to access and explore MBOX file.

Observational Verdict

There can be lot more that can be told about SysTools MBOX Viewer application. A team of engineers has tested MBOX File Reader product and feedback have been taken from many customers. A conclusion has been drawn that the MBOX File Viewer is a great application for any company, business or individual that can help a user to view MBOX file. It has all the functionalities and features required for a similar application. MBOX Opener is a simple as well as a powerful tool in terms of the forensic investigation. The MBOX Explorer helps a user to open and read messages from an old mailbox archive. It is a helpful toolkit to view emails from a database of different email clients.

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