An essay refers to any piece of writing that puts for the personal viewpoint of the concerned author. The word essay has been derived from the French infinitive “essayer” which meant ‘to attempt’ or ‘to try’. The most common definition of an essay states that it is a written piece of composition that usually comprises of the point of view of the concerned author. This definition of the essay is very vague and mostly overlaps with the definitions of the short story and the article. The essay forms a literary genre that is different from the rest in terms of its composition and presentation. The essays are generally characterized by the pattern of the composition. The composition of various documents such as the learned arguments, literary criticisms, the political manifestos, the penning down of the various observations that the author may have formed from the daily life that he leads, the reflections and the recollections of the author.

There are various subgenres of the major genre of the essay. The major subdivisions include the formal and informal essays. The formal essays refer to those that employ within the essay a serious purpose of composition and a dignity. The formal essays are also characterized by the logical organization of the facts that are presented within the concerned composition and the length of the concerned essay. These essays generally tend to be informative and persuasive for the reader or the targeted audience. The formal essay is characterized by the extensive use of the strong vocabulary and demonstration of greater research skills. On the other hand, the informal essay depicts the use of simpler language. The informal essays are used to pen down the thoughts of the author and are generally used for the entertainment purposes by the readers. The informal essays are known to pose a more relaxed expression of the opinion, the author puts forth the observations in a way that the concerned readers find to be entertaining. The content of the concerned essay also tends to concentrate more on the pleasure and the humor that the essay intends to portray towards the readers. Students write essay on many subjects like law essay writing, mba essay writing, nursing essay writing or take help from many essay help uk service

The students who have been pursuing secondary educational courses are often assigned essays as apart of their assignments in order to help them to improve their composition skills. The multitude of the educational institutions might also use the essay composition as a parameter to judge the capacity of the applicants during the admissions. The composition of the essay requires the students to gain mastery over the subject as well as the comprehension of the materials that they have been provided. Read more click here..