HR Management is a niche domain, with overarching impact in an organization, demanding not just the brightest minds on the team, but resources, for greater efficiency in routine functions. HR management software is bespoke in nature, and contrary to perceptions that it stresses budgets and capex, it offers significant cost to benefits, on deployment. Not only do companies get to hire the best fit, cherry picking from a multitude of applicants with similar skills, it actually helps in integrating other aspects of HR and management into a single solution.

What exactly does HR Management Software offer?

Modules in the HR Management Software include the all important Applicant Tracking System that serves as the primary channel, the go-to database for hiring. A comprehensive HR Management solution incorporates multiple features and tools to carry out performance appraisals, using various metrics, for instance Hogan Assessments or 16PF to get a well-rounded evaluation of the employee, post induction or prior to induction. An intelligent system would also factor in various nuanced aspects, such as the “need to have” and the “nice to have” qualifications and abilities of candidates.

How do the various modules offer value to HR functions?

The ultimate goal of all HR systems is more or less the same, straddling important aspects of HR functions. For instance, the software would comprise a recruitment module that will help in-house talent acquisition and recruitment teams, an assessment tool to continuously monitor the performance of employees, and a workforce management system that takes care of HR administration tasks. More complex packages will have additional modules that may extend to other areas of operation, such as payroll management etc.

Here is a roundup of a few examples of popular software for hr systems and processes.

BambooHR – An award winning solution, this is probably one among the more popular ones available, with a variety of suites and modules that cater to all areas of HR functions Ideal For large companies.

Zoho People – From the Zoho platform, this is another leading solution that offers employees a voice seeking inputs, which find their way to decision making processes. A comprehensive suite, this is ideal for MSME businesses.  

HR One – A simple and uncomplicated platform, HR-One integrates all HR operations. It offers interoperability among mobiles and desktops, permitting managers to access reports seamlessly from devices.  

Calamari – This cloud based solution basically offers either leave management or clocking in/out modules that can be integrated with other solutions. The system suits SMBs across domains and offers interoperability.  

Cake HR - An integrated time, attendance solution, Cake HR permits employers to design schedules, track and plan leave management. This solution also offers access through mobile devices and is independent of location.

Zimyo HRMS - Zimyo HRMS is an easy-to-use HR SaaS solution for Start-ups, small and medium businesses that ensures secure & easy management of HR activities for your organization. It’s feature rich, yet simple & scalable.

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