What is my IP address? How do I find it out?

Whenever your internet is down, or you are suffering from network problems or any other troubleshooting problem, one information that you are always asked is an IP address. An IP address, i.e. your Internet Protocol address, your computer’s address through which you can connect to any internet connection.  Even when your system is attached to a network, in the network, your system is allocated an address, called the IP address. The IP address if your location on the network as well as on the internet.

There are two types of IP address, on a network, which your system is connected to, the IP address is called a local address. The IP address through which your system is connected to the internet is called the external IP address. The IP address is an information unique to your system. You might need to find out the IP address in case there is some internet connectivity issue, or if you have lost connectivity to the network you are on. Looking at the importance of the IP address, there would definitely arise a question in your mind running that is: what is my IP address? How do I find it out?

An IP address is a digit separated by dots. The form in which it is displayed is The digits of your IP address will vary, the format of the address will remain the same. There are simple ways to find out the IP address of your system. For different Operating systems, there are different ways to find the IP address. Here is a guide which will help you find your IP address depending on the Operating system you use.

Finding IP address for Windows 8 and Windows 10:

There are different ways to find your IP address on Windows Operating system. There are the different ways:

For Windows operating system:

  1. Using a search engine:

    To find external IP address on Google or Bing follow these steps:
    1. Type ‘my IP address’ in the search bar.
    2. On getting the search results, the first link will point to ‘what’s my IP address
    3. On this page, in a box, your IP address will be displayed.

  2. Finding your IP address in your router settings:

    Every router in its settings has the description of the IP address. The place to find the IP address will vary from router to router though.
    Majorly, the IP address can be found under the “Internet port” or “Internet IP address” section under the “router status”, “Internet connectivity” or “Wan page”. The address is explicitly mentioned there. The address so obtained is the IP address of your router. This is the address which is connected to your Internet Service provider.

  3. Using Command Prompt:

    You can find the IP address from the command prompt only when connected to the Internet service provider. The connection may be through, WiFi, or LAN or Ethernet adapter. To find your IP through command prompt, here are the steps you need to follow:
    1. Press the windows button on your keyboard
    2. Enter run. As soon as you press enter, a dialog box will appear.
    3. In the dialog box, enter ‘cmd’ and click on ok.
    4. A black window will appear. This is the command prompt window.
    5. In this window, type ‘ipconfig’ and press enter.
    6. A list of all the network connections on your computer will appear as soon as you press enter.
    You can identify the IP address from this list of connections.

  4. Using Network connections:

    This method of finding the IP address of your system can be used for any version of Windows:
    1. Press the windows button.
    2. Type run and press enter.
    3. In the dialog box that appeared, type ‘ncpa.cpl’ and press enter.
    4. A window with all your network connections will appear.
    5. Right-click on your active connections and select the ‘status option’.
    6. Once the dialog box appears, click on the ‘details’ tab
    7. A dialog box with your IP address will appear.


For MAC operating system:

  1. At the top left-hand corner of your screen, there is apple menu. From there, open the system preferences.
  2. As you click on the system preferences, a new window will appear on the screen. From the window opened, select the icon with the name ‘Network’.
  3. Another window, having various options like WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet will appear. The icons with green dots in front of them indicate that an IP address is assigned to them.
  4. When you click on one of those icons, a sentence reading ‘ Wifi is connected to chocolate and has the IP address as’ will be displayed.  The IP address is your local IP address.

To find the external IP address, you can follow the steps described in the “Finding IP address through search engine” mentioned above.

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