1. User/Driver enrollment and confirmation

The enrollment stream is something that ought to be tried in each application. Ensure that it is difficult to enlist with an off base or invalid email address, and that the quantity of images does not surpass 100. Validation tests of taxi app development will help keep deceitful users from getting to accounts and will take out long and pointless examinations concerning account proprietorship. You can read more about security testing in our article.

Experiments are required keeping in mind the end goal to inspect the usefulness of new User enlistments:

They guarantee that:

  • another User can enroll by filling in the compulsory fields in the enlistment segment, and
  • the system sends an affirmation message through email, SMS or push warning.

Check if a blunder message shows when:

  • a User leaves required fields purge in the enrollment segment,
  • a User gives invalid contributions to the required fields of the enlistment area,
  • a User’s demand can’t achieve the system, is off base, and so on., and
  • a User enters an invalid username and legitimate secret word in the login segment, or the other way around.

In the event that you enable a User to enlist with their email just, you have to test the accompanying things:

Browse if the email content field:

  • contains an email address without the “@” image,
  • contains an irregular string rather than a genuine email,
  • contains the “@” image written in words, and
  • contains a missing dab in the email address, i.e. “.com.”

Browse if the email content field contains:

Enlistment utilizing informal communities is currently the least demanding approach to make a User account. Your analyzers should watch out for this component and ensure the association works with no deferrals or blunders.

  1. GPS benefit

Your auto booking application should utilize geolocation services to recognize the present User’s area, reserving and putting away User information. It is imperative that your application can collaborate with the gadget’s GPS as it, in addition to other things, permits the application to compute the ride separate all the more accurately.


To play out a User area information test we suggest doing the accompanying:

  • Gather an solution of genuine devices in a particular area (99,99% information precision) or utilize an area sensor test system (40-65% information exactness).
  • Test your application with the accompanying sorts of area information:
  • live information exchanging when an application is running,
  • recorded information that shows when a User entered the test, and
  • recorded information that shows if a User spared/booked/included.

Observe: If you need to test a GIS-based application or get more tips about testing it, at that point send us your demand. Our tech administrator will enable you to locate the correct solution.

  1. payment strategy

Unwavering quality and security are the most essential things if your application manages cash, particularly one that requires the User to enter Visa data. When testing your auto benefit application, please ensure you’ve picked the correct payment processor to store the User’s information and to deal with the exchanges. Your QA group ought to likewise focus on any conceivable vulnerabilities. It’s better on the off chance that you see them before the programmers do.


  • Remember to check the accompanying essentials previously testing the payment strategy:
  • Credit/platinum card design, similar to card range and card compose (Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, and so on.), and

Vendor design. Check the individual/association who is approved to acknowledge card payments.To perform security testing for an payment method we emphatically suggest utilizing the accompanying agendas:

Web application security testing agenda (short):

General tests:

  • Every single private datum ought to be submitted by means of secure convention HTTPS(SSL).
  • The User secret key and security answer must to be veiled with the info write = watchword.
  • Utilize server-side approval for shapes. We prescribe Using “Firebug” and “TamperData” to play out these tests.

Secret key tests:

  • every one of the tenets that are identified with a secret key setting ought to be the same over every one of the modules,
  • check passwords for the combinatorics lead: it ought to contain characters+numbers+special characters,
  • the quantity of solicitations that a User can send to a server on the off chance that they overlooked their secret word,
  • set the lapse for the secret key reset connect,
  • at the point when another watchword is produced an old one must terminate, and
  • an old token ought to terminate after the better and brighter one is created.

Session Management:

  • check what data is permitted to be conveyed in treats, and
  • no classified information can be spared in treats.

CAPTCHA testing:

  • no cycling for CAPTCHA,
  • pictures ought not be downloaded, and
  • utilize if CAPTCHA can be perceived.

Observe: we firmly prescribe utilizing genuine devices to execute mobile and web-application testing. In the event that you are dubious of the quantity of devices you require, utilize Ubertesters estimator.

  1. Push warning

On the off chance that your application is utilizing push warnings, ensure they deal with every one of the devices, generally the User won’t get the fundamental data.

  1. Input

The input or tribute system enables the User to rate the driver, and by and large, keeps up an abnormal state of service. Execution tests will enable you to comprehend if all the criticism is exact and on the off chance that it is being conveyed to the server in time

Kinds of testing you ought to perform

The stream testing tips that we portrayed above are only a modest piece of the entire procedure. We have accumulated for you a short rundown of testing composes that you have to perform to make an application like Uber.

User App

Security testing – You should make certain that users’ information is ensured and can’t hole to any outsiders.

UI/UX testing – The most fundamental part after the security testing. users need to know how to book an auto. They ought to get data about a driver and the cost of the taxi easily.

Confinement testing – Each market has its own specifics. On the off chance that you need to succeed, you ought to give an application that nearly identifies with the neighborhood mindset.

Negative testing – This technique is utilized to check the execution of the application on account of an invalid information or sudden User conduct.

Driver App

GIS testing – The application ought to give precise information about the customer’s area, goal point and separation of the arranged course.

Restriction testing – It ought to be obvious to any individual who is riding how to utilize the application.

Interference testing – An application while working may confront a few intrusions (approaching calls, messages, pop-ups, and so forth.), or system scope blackout and recuperation. A driver ought to have the capacity to utilize the application while approaching information is arriving.

Server Side

Security testing – All the information ought to be ensured and scrambled. You should check any potential entanglements and entryways before the official system dispatch.

What are the trying options?

Testing an application like Uber can be extremely testing. It isn’t really a short time or expenses. Your foundation will be the end-users. Such application testing requires countless analyzers who will survey your application legitimately and send powerful criticism.

You don’t have to buy smartphones confined for a particular district (smartphone emulator gives up to 70% information exactness). You don’t have to invest a ton of energy checking, confirming and endorsing the correct hopefuls, by and large, it takes up to 3-5 days to assemble a group of taxi app developers experts.