Internet has been in our life for every step and plays a major role in what we do and how we do it. Internet has made everyone’s life as easy as it never was. Nothing has connected people as internet has and most of us have started relying on the internet completely. Internet is one of the most important inventions of mankind. Wondering what life would be like, and what would we do without internet has an answer that is complicated yet simple. To many of us life would be nothing less than a nightmare without internet.

Our ancestors lived in a world without internet and we can compare them with ourselves for the best understanding. Their ways of communication were slow but it was compact and real while internet has made communication easy but meaningless at the same time. Leisure time was spent being productive and creative while all we do now is getting our eyes fixed on our devices which affects our health on high levels. Information was hard to get and was time consuming but now it is always a click away. Evidence based practice was not common as it was hard to study researches from all around the globe but now we can easily find them on search engines.

According to average statistics, a person spends around 27 hours a month using internet. A trillion emails are sent every year and every minute a 70 hours of footage is uploaded on YouTube. As google is the most used search engine, more than a billion queries are searched here per day and all the information the internet has can not be stored in over a billion DVDs. Taking notice of these facts, lets imagine what would be the impact of internet being plugged off.

Can internet be really plugged off?

The answer to this is no! Internet has an expansive infrastructure and to unplug it shutting down of every server and local DNS would be required that is quite impossible.

Personal users

Personal users would be affected on high levels. Without being able to log in to Facebook, twitter and Instagram there would be chaos. Would teenagers around us be able to accept the absence of internet? It comes down to how much internet is used by a person and what for. It would affect business and communication for sure but on the other side people will have to talk to each other more, communicating more audibly, verbally and physically.

Socializing and communication

Socializing and communicating without internet would be quite difficult as time zones matter a lot. Many of us communicate only on the basis of internet, from emails to online dating thus the demand on the internet for social communication and networking are huge. Absence of internet will cause us to go back to basic levels of communication. Instead of quick texts and calls, we would have to use snail mail again which is slow and time consuming but will benefit our local postal services and telephone network providers. We will have more of the spare time thus getting to ‘talk’ to family and friends. The main thing to worry about is that would we be able to engage on grass roots level? Meet new people? And if internet never existed could communication be so easy and free?

Pace of life

We communicate quicker, we sell and buy quicker and we find information quicker, so with the dilemma of no internet the pace of life would surely slow down.

Effects on business

Almost all businesses have relationships with the internet whether for simple business listing or an online store. Without internet, the stock markets will collapse and millions of people will loose their jobs. Not all would be devastation as there could be some advantages as well. We will start buying locally that will benefit our local towns and shops.

Previously there were businesses that did not trade on the basis of internet, rather they had a strong customer base and diversity for their success.

Access to information

At times before internet, books were the only way of gaining information but getting relevant answers for the questions we have are difficult to find. Internet is a massive resource of information which is easily used to access information. The concept of internet has been taken from libraries containing all kinds of information and research.


With or without internet human beings will adapt to the surrounding they are given as they have been forever. Those who grew up using internet find it difficult to imagine life without it while there are those whose lives do not revolve around internet completely and would do fine either way.