Why are China FRP manufacturers forced to shut down in 2018?

More than half of China FRP manufacturers were forced to shut down from June to July in 2018. As a result, thousands of FRP workers are unemployed. It means that many ordinary families will face enormous economic pressure.

If you are in Norway, Finland, Sweden or Iceland, there may be people in the family who are unemployed. It will not bring misfortune to life at once. But in China, this misfortune comes very quickly. Because you need money to pay for medical care and education. On the one hand, if you are sick, the drugs that social security can reimburse are often very limited. In order to cure your disease, you may need drugs imported from the United States. However, imported drugs are not covered by social security. You have to pay for it on your own. If you watch the most popular movie in China 2018, “Dying to Survive”, you will understand it. On the other hand, a child’s kindergarten in a semester may consume half a year’s salary of an adult. Maybe you will ask, aren’t there many public schools that don’t require tuition? I’m sure you won’t get a place at a public school.


In 2013, the name of “Chinese Dama” has once spread all over the world. They rushed to purchase gold frenetically as an investment, without considering the risk. But you have to know that they are the representatives of the few. Most of the Chinese women not only need to go to work like a man but also will bargain for 5 cents while buying vegetables. Those rich men live in the upper class, where there is no shortage of money. Therefore, they may think that the people are already very rich. In fact, many families are worried about where they can get the money to buy baby milk powder next week. I don’t know what these FRP workers can do when they lose their jobs. But I’m sure that their knowledge and experience of FRP molding and fabrication will become worthless. They can no longer rely on these skills to survive.


From June 2018, China’s environmental protection authorities are strictly investigating environmental and fire certificates and measures at factories. Fiberglass reinforced plastic is composited by resin and glass fiber. Therefore, it will give off the smell of resin during the fiberglass production. It has led the environmental authority to focus on this field. Some of my friends in the FRP industry, who used to be engaged in fiberglass boat and fiberglass fishing rods, are very sad. A few small factories have to get up at midnight to help their customers catch up on orders in order to feed their families. For larger factories, however, this is impossible.

As one of the leading fiberglass manufacturers in China, luckily, we haven’t been shut down. But our production is also subject to some restrictions. It never rains but it pours, our orders are also getting smaller. We can find no way out under the circumstance of industry depression and spare capacity. If you order fiberglass products from us at this moment, whether they are fiberglass radomes or fiberglass pipes, you will get them at the lowest cost ever with the same considerable service.

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