When your gym is packed and there’s no way to use your usual equipment, head to the chin up bar. This is important but often overlooked tool is perfect for getting a strength workout that requires minimal space. It gives you a complete workout and help in building strength in your back, chest, arms, and abs.

Today if you can still continue to grow taller, I recommend that you should do exercise with the chin up bar. chin up bar exercises are truly helpful in height increasing, equivalent to swimming and even more effective than basketball. If you exercise hard and properly, even though you passed puberty but still increase height, you can get 2-4 cm per year, which is a lot if you ask me.

The biceps is made up of two muscles, or heads, hence the “bi” in its name. The inner head is short, and the outer head is long. Both heads cross your shoulder, elbow, and radioulnar forearm joints, which means they act on all of these joints. More specifically, the biceps helps you raise your arm forward, bend your elbow and rotate your forearm externally to a palms-up position. Chin up bar help you work on your biceps extremely well. With help of chin up bar you can grow your biceps twice as faster than with any other instrument.

With other strength-training exercises you just use a very short list of muscles, but with chin up bar you can work on more than a dozen muscles. Chin up bar exercise targets mainly the latissimus dorsi muscles of your back, a number of muscles in your arms, shoulders and chest. It’s also includes your posterior deltoids, triceps, biceps and lower and middle trapezius.
Chin up exercise have versatility benefits. Even when you’re new to this type of workout, you don’t have to worry. You can modify its setting according to your requirement. Once you get comfortable with instrument, you can easily take it to next level by holding a weight between your ankles.
We all know that, today strong muscles aren’t just for athletes. Everyone can benefit from strong shoulders, lats and arms in everyday activities. We don’t have to tell to you that, how strength in your biceps and triceps muscles helps you perform such repeated movements as lifting a heavy bag of groceries or a backpack and pushing a door shut, respectively. All you have to do is spend some time on chin up bar as per your convenience, and let rest of it taken care by instrument itself.
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