A hot Delhi day is hardly the right time to look outside and see your Delhi/NCR home’s air conditioner fan not spinning. Inside, as your house slowly broils, you wonder what you should do. Many of our customers (seriously) figure they should somehow hit the unit to “loosen it up” and get the fan spinning. They go outside full of good intentions and a hammer. Once near the unit, they see the air conditioner fan not spinning but humming instead. This usually makes them retreat and call in professionals.

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Trouble Ticket

Many an AC repair company in Delhi turns over a trouble ticket to technicians that simply reads, “Fan not spinning on air conditioner.” The cause of the problem could indeed be a stuck bearing, so one good smack in the right spot could temporarily free the motor. Usually the problem is more involved.

Do It Yourself?

Anytime a homeowner wants to treat an ailing central air conditioner, we at Howard Air encourage you to consider how much a repair mistake could cost you.

If you insist on poking and prodding, triple-check that power to the outside unit is turned off. Most central air conditioners have circuit breakers immediately next to exterior units, plus panel circuit breakers for the entire system. Turn both off! Only if you feel comfortable should you proceed further.

Gravity Assist

Debris can fall down on your condenser/compressor unit, wrap itself around the fan hub and cause it to stop. It need not be something big enough to physically block the blades; a slim vine or plant shoot could do it.

With power off, remove the protective panels from your condenser and visually inspect the fan. Remove any debris, give the fan a manual spin and see if anything is interfering with its movement.

Fan Club

The condenser fan motor could be burned out. The system is still trying to start it (large capacitors are in play here so use extra caution) and so the system hums yet the fan does not turn. Enlist professional help to replace the condenser fan motor.

Bearing Down

Bad bearings could cause the fan to seize. The bearings allow the fan axle to turn. The fan hub is attached to the axle; if the bearings on the motor have seized, the unit will hum loudly but the fan will not move. You can attempt to inject electric motor oil (lubricating oil specifically designed for electric motors) into the ports of the motor, and then try to restart the system.

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