Why Magento Sites Are Ideal For e-stores?

Why Magento Sites Are Ideal For e-stores?

Built on open source technology, Magento is an e-commerce development platform that gives website owners complete control of the appearance and content of their online store. When it comes to e-commerce site development, Magento is the most trusted content management system and e-commerce technology. Top brands from all over the globe like Samsung, Nestle, Nike, etc. use Magento over other ecommerce development platforms. What sets Magento apart from the rest is its scalability, ease of customisation and advanced features.

It is easily customisable according to your e-commerce requirements and comes at an affordable price. Whatever the size of the business, Magento can help you create an e-commerce site with impressive, high-end features.

Before you hop on to the Magento express, allow us to further explain why Magento is the best choice for your e-store.

  1. Attractive and useful features - There are many of extension, features and functionalities made available by Magento. Running an e-commerce site or business is not easy, yet Magento provides features like stock administration, one-page checkout, shopping cart etc. Rich pre-built features not only make the user experience better but also optimise the store, making it dynamic.
  2. Two versions to suit all kinds of businesses - Magento has two editions, “Magento Community Edition” and “Magento Enterprise Edition”. The community edition is free and you do not need any license. Developers and business owners have complete control over the e-store pages. The features and extensions can be added and modified as per the business need. Magento enterprise development provides best-in-class features at affordable rates.
  3. SEO Management - All your Search Engine Optimisation requirements can be easily fulfilled by Magento. It allows you to change all URLs, keywords and meta- descriptions of products, catalogues and meta-tags. It has the Google sitemap already installed, giving Google enough options to find products and content.
  4. Scalable - Magento is an e-commerce development platform that is known for its scalable nature that allows developers to expand or contract an e-store according to the size of the business, making it a good bet for small-scale enterprises. Magento has several features and extensions that can be added once your business begins to scale. Be it adding new products or dealing with thousands of orders, Magento makes sure that the site is always responsive. A sudden burst of traffic does not affect a site powered by Magento, especially when supported by a robust server. Websites crashing and slow page loading are never a case with Magento-powered sites. Combined with the right hardware and configuration, Magento makes sure that your e-commerce site functions well at every phase of growth.
  5. Multiple language and setup configurations from single admin panel - Apart from setting up multiple stores in one go you can even use different languages throughout the site or some parts of it. There are more than 1900 themes to choose from. Hence, if you are on a low budget, you can use the pre-installed Magento themes, suitable for every niche.

Magento is extremely affordable and business owners don’t need to spend a fortune to own a professional e-commerce site. You will only have to pay for the enterprise version and a few customisation and extension features. Its flexibility and simplicity have made it the preferred choice for every e-store owner.

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