Why Mobile Technologies Are the Future of the Automobile Industry

We are already living in a world that is driven by technology. Vehicles that are on the roads today are just a combination of numerous technologies. Mobile technologies like access to vehicle data from a remote location are quickly taking over this industry. The biggest beneficiaries at the moment are fleet companies, which have adopted mobile technology in the following ways:

  •         Vehicle location tracking and GPS - Although fleet companies do this through software installed in PCs in their offices, it can be accessed via mobile phones if they have the correct applications installed. This is how busy fleet owners can monitor their vehicles any time they need.
  •         Camera access - Monitoring vehicle activities via either a cabin camera or the dashcam is becoming very popular. For someone to do this, they will need to have internet connectivity in their cars. Luckily, this is also not a problem.
  •         Using phones to send reports - Drivers in the fleet companies have been using applications that are installed on their phones to make and send reports in real-time to their supervisors in the office.

After looking at these, it is worth knowing that mobile technology in the auto industry is going far. The highlights provided below give the reasons why mobile technology holds the future of the auto industry.

Digital Paths Are Adopting Mobile Technology

Generally, digital paths are seen to be moving more in the mobile direction. After the introduction of mobile phones that use a friendly OS like Android and iOS, people have accepted them as personal assistants in many ways. Everyone to use these devices to get various solutions in life including monitoring their vehicles.

For instance, you can now easily access the vehicle computer using a diagnostic dongle that is connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. The Eyeride website has more auto solutions that are easily accessed via mobile phones and you can check them out right now.

Automakers Are Incorporating Mobile-Friendly Tech

As time goes on, automakers are expected to adopt mobile technology more. For instance, the latest models have GPS technology that uses the internet and can be accessed remotely via mobile phone. It is easy to pair your car with a smartphone to get numerous solutions including the ability to switch your car off remotely. Anti-theft solutions are becoming better and more personalized by the day. We should expect both standard and high-end vehicles of the future to have all of these capabilities.

The Need for Vehicles to Communicate

In the future, mobile technology will allow vehicles to communicate among themselves and with other auto-related devices. Autonomous vehicles are being tested by various automakers and are already adopting mobile technology for efficiency. Such vehicles can identify the nearest gas stations, parking lots, and many other auto solutions.


As you research more about vehicles of today and the future, you will realize that mobile tech plays a key role in making them better. The few mobile solutions that are there today will have multiplied many times over in the next few years.


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