But with two hundred million active consumers as well as a recent valuation of $12.3bn (£9bn), the system that started out in 2012 as being a quirky online scrapbook has quietly turn out to be a sizzling commodity for advertisers and buyers alike.
Possibly that is why Pinterest president Tim Kendall chooses to help keep his great having a daily ice bathtub.
And the BBC’s Zoe Kleinman identified out which is not his only unusual regimen…

Tim Kendall: I now possess a freezer on my again deck that i set h2o into, and now I go into that since the tub with ice was not fairly chilly enough. So, it carries on to escalate.
It’s like people having coffee each morning. It’s a somewhat much more intense edition of that.

It provides me a whole lot of vitality, wakes me up, resets my mind and my physique. Our times are lengthy and extreme and i discover that if I do it I feel better all through the working day.
My kids love it. They prefer to talk to me whilst I am in it, they ask simply how much it hurts, they dip their fingers in and then shake and say “Argh, it’s so cold!” They’re quite entertained by it but I don’t know how extended which is likely to last.
I do ask them each and every when in a whilst, “Hey, do you need to acquire in?” And they are very clear which they do not need to get in it. Get more accurate information