Why Should You Buy Refurbished Cisco Network Hardware?

When it comes to buying new or refurbished Cisco networking hardware, one need to make the decision considering a number of factors. The clear advantage is that it can significantly lower the total cost of ownership.

When you buy refurbished network hardware, you can immediately see the reduction in cost. Refurbished hardware are available at discounts of up to 95% of new hardware. Let’s check more factors that matter.

When you buy new network hardware, you get to use the newer technology and the manufacturer’s warranty. You will receive manufacturer’s assistance in installing and using the new hardware. It is your investment for the future. You can expect smooth operation when you have the latest networking hardware in your company.

Now let’s see why you choose refurbished network hardware:

  • To reduce costs and to meet your budgetary requirements buying refurbished hardware should be your first choice.
  • When you decide to choose refurbished hardware, you can expect faster delivery. New hardware has new features but you may have to wait four to six weeks.
  • When you use the hardware you are accustomed with, the learning curve is low. It is easy to start right away and start focusing on the business again.
  • When you choose to buy one piece of new hardware, the chain of updating and buying other compatible hardware is there to follow. For any initial IT professional, it is important to be keen on reducing unnecessary expenses. When you buy refurbished parts, you can surely find a perfect solution of replacing parts, whenever it is necessary as they are easily available.
  • Whether you want to buy refurbished Cisco router or looking for lease an entire network infrastructure, the secondary market is the place to visit. Many companies in this space provide options for purchasing, renting and/or leasing.
  • Refurbished hardware is one of the best solutions because the companies are offering excellent post sales servicing. You only need to find a reputed dealer where you get excellent quality hardware and reliable service.
  • When you need to built a strong network infrastructure, you should find the company that offers best in class hardware with post sales technical assistance.
  • Before you make the final decision to choose refurbished network hardware, you should try to find a seller’s who has been in business for at least 20 years!
  • With proper technical assistance, you can make the installation process smoother. A reputed company has technical experts for taking care of installation and integration issues. Whether you need to replace your Cisco routers and switches, or upgrade your Arista products, consider refurbished network hardware as your other alternative.

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