Why use a Call Answering Service

Call Answering services are becoming more and more popular as the years go by due to businesses perhaps focussing on other areas of their business.  You may not have heard of it, so let us tell you a bit about it here.

The way call answering services work is simple.  Effectively, the service provider become your dedicated PA.  They will answer any calls that come in, in your company name and deal with the call accordingly through sticking to guidelines you have set them.  If you’re unavailable, they will tell people and take a message that will be emailed across to you immediately. If you want the provider to screen callers, they can do this too by following a detailed script you have provided them.  If you just want them to act as a receptionist that transfers calls through to your landline or mobile number, guess what, they can do that too.

Additional features that you can add to a call answering service include:

  • Online access to changing your account and service provision
  • Taking a virtual office address.  Take your pick from a number of locations
  • Taking a local or free phone telephone number to be used for this purpose specifically
  • Call Conferencing – You can hold a call conference at any time using this service

If you are interested in finding out more, or would like to purchase a package that meets your needs, head over to www.virtually-there.net where you will find all of the options available to you.  Ranging from a message taking service through to a full virtual reception service, there is bound to be something that meets your needs and requirements.

By using www.virtually-there.net you are giving yourself the best chance of taking on an amazing service for a great, low price.  You will find no long contracts (only one months’ notice required), a 24 / 7 service (calls answered at all times of day and night on your behalf), fixed priced deals / contracts (meaning that there is no minimum buy in for you to have to make), and a free 7 days trial (essentially giving you the opportunity to try before you buy).

Should you still be unsure of it this type of service is for you, you will be able to contact the team via the webpage or via the telephone number provided.  The team there will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or queries you have to ensure that you have full peace of mind before committing.

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