Windows 8 to support XBox 360 games

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Lots of people have been gauging interest for Windows 8 – the next operating system to be released by Microsoft Corporation. The chief executive officer of Microsoft Steve Ballmer said that Windows 8 will totally bring in a whole new level of experience and change the ways by which people perform their daily activities. The next generation OS is not only targeted for businesses but also give a push into the world of entertainment and gaming. Ever wondered why that is going to be the case?

Well we have news regarding that. Windows 8 will now have the support of XBOX 360 games which means that any PC (Laptops or Desktops) with high end specifications will be able to run XBOX 360 games natively. That is RIGHT. A native XBOX 360 application fully installed into the Windows machine and simply putting the XBOX game into your computer will bring in a whole new level of entertainment. Although we do not have a confirmation whether that is really going to be the case in the most awaited OS title of 2012, we will keep updating our sources when we get a final announcement from the developers Microsoft themselves.

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Author : Sagar Joshi

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  1. Dan, 4 days ago Reply

    I was hopin they do!!

  2. Sagar, 3 days ago Reply

    I guess that will crush the market of PS3 meaning consoles will fall against the Mighty PC platform.

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