Would Nokia’s Moonraker Smartwatch Be Able To Compete With Apple Watch?

Would Nokia’s Moonraker Smartwatch Be Able To Compete With Apple Watch?

Things could have been so different for Microsoft had it not-scrapped the Moonraker



Don’t be surprised if this is the first time you are hearing of the Moonraker, since we didn’t know much about it either, until this morning, when a Microsoft employee posted on Tumblr.


Moonraker is a smartwatch developed by Nokia, although it failed to make it to the top due to unknown reasons, although rumors have it that Microsoft, owners of Nokia’s hardware business, chose to go for the band instead of Moonraker, which inevitably led to the latter being abandoned.



The watch looks rather slick if you ask us, offering a square-shaped watch-face, available in a variety of different colors. Like most other smart watches available on the market, the Moonraker incorporated a fitness tracking device within, along with popular applications such as Facebook. The watch-face was changeable, helping you match your watch with the attire you are carrying.


In addition to this, a camera-remote feature was also there to be seen, thanks to which users could take photos off their smartphones. Also, emails, phone calls, and instant messaging were there, as you would expect on any smartwatch. However, thanks to a host of sensors fitted within, all you had to do was lift your arm to read a text; likewise, you could turn off the watch-display by simply lowering your arm.


It was shortly after Microsoft completed its acquisition of Nokia, back in April 2014, when the world got its first-look on the Moonraker, thanks to leaked images of the smartwatch. Much of Nokia’s move into wearable was credited to the company facing hardships, some of which was down to the company not having made a smooth transition into Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform.



Back then, Moonraker was deemed as one of the codenames that the company had for its upcoming smartphones, and for seemingly ages, the world continued to believe that Moonwalker was actually nothing but an unreleased Smartphone.


Question-marks now hang around the company, pointing at the potential of device had, and what it could have possibly helped the company achieve? While it may have been priced lower than the luxurious Apple Watch, was it good enough to go the distance and perhaps oust it?


There’s little chance that the watch would ever make it to wrists, but the wonders it could have done for the company would forever be reflected. And with Microsoft now working on Second-Gen Bands, the future looks nothing but dark for the Moonraker. The Second-Gen Band would be rolled out later this year, although only after the company completely rolls out Windows 10 Tech mistake.

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